911 Medical Dispatch Center Manager

AMR-EMSA Oklahoma City, OK

About the Job

Seeking a dynamic, data-driven emergency medical services leader to oversee day-to-day operations of EMSA’s Oklahoma City 911 Medical Dispatch Center. Responsibilities include supervising all emergency medical dispatchers/system status controllers and maintaining a close working relationship with ambulance field operations, outside agencies and other stakeholders.


The 911 Medical Dispatch Center team is responsible for receiving requests for emergency and non-emergency ambulance service, determining appropriate responses via the Medical Priority Dispatch System, entering information into the CAD system, selecting and dispatching the appropriate ambulance to the call, and deploying ambulance resources throughout the community in the most effective manner. 


Major Duties and Responsibilities:

• Enforce policies and procedures established for the 911 Medical Dispatch/Communications Center

• Evaluate employee work performance and to make recommendations as to continued employment or training need

• Demonstrates the ability to function as an emergency medical dispatcher/system status controller

• Demonstrates ability to apply the system status plan to daily EMS operations

• Demonstrates the ability to maintain EMS quality improvement programs

• Develops and modifies the system status plan as needed for efficient operations

• Communicate effectively with residents, public officials, governmental entities and political leaders

• Directs EMS resources capably during major/mass casualty incidents

• Complies with all company policy, procedures, or practices

• Works collaboratively with EMSA’s Tulsa 911 Medical Dispatch Center Manager

• Directly supervises emergency medical dispatchers/system status controllers in the Oklahoma City 911 Medical Dispatch Center

• Orchestrates ongoing and continuous employee training

• Plans, assigns, and directs team members’ work

• Appraises team members’ performance

• Addresses complaints in a timely fashion and works to resolve problems


• Minimum of one (1) year experience in the field as an EMT or paramedic, or as a dispatcher for fire, law enforcement or EMS agency

• Five (5) years of experience in a supervisory role within a 911 emergency dispatch center strongly preferred

• Current EMT or paramedic certification, and meet other company standards depending on classification level

• EMD certification or acquisition of EMD certification at the next offering of the EMD certification class