Director of Curriculum and Instruction

Mahwah Township Public Schools Mahwah, NJ

About the Job

Mahwah Township
Public Schools
A district with a reputation for excellence in education
Effective July 1, 2018
12-Month position
* School Administrators certification required.
* 10 Years of teaching experience preferred.
* Displays leadership skills in curriculum design, program
evaluation, staff development, and school improvement plans.
* Reviews testing instrumentation and instructional materials.
* Ensures the appropriate use of technology as it relates
to instructional integration.
* Fosters vertical articulation related to instructional resources
and curricular progress, K-12.
* Assists in the coordination of all standardized testing.
* Reviews the selection of instructional materials.
* Demonstrates the ability to work and communicate
effectively with administrators, staff members, parents
and the community.
Apply online by 4/1/18 via: